STN Clan Rules (Updated*)

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STN Clan Rules (Updated*)

Post by -P5ykoO- on Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:21 am

Hi there, and Welcome to the SunTzuNinjas Clan Forum ...

If you are actually reading this, it might be because you are intrested in joining our Clan ... and we will be proud to accepte you, but only on one condition !!!

You must Read and accepte these Clan Rules.

Here are our Recruitment Criterias:
You must meet them befor posting any Apply ... If you do not meet these Rules, then you are just waisting your time, and ours ...

>> Click here to post a new Apply <<

Basic Recruitment Rules:

1.20+ kd

12k + Kills (No Fire Team Heros)

Speak and write English
(Not being able to communicate will be a kick reason)

Must be actif on Our Clan Forum

(Forum innactivity IS a kick reason)

15% Speed Max in CWs

No F2 Chat in CWs / Flaming

Respect Others
A Minimum of Maturity
Able to Use your Brain

Team Speak 3 + Headset

(With Microphone)

!!! Specialists are not Tolerated in Clan Wars !!!

And of course, Hackers / Abusers will be kicked as soon as thay are spotted + Reported on Nexon Forum

(With proof)

>> Click here to post a new Apply <<

Advanced Clan Rules:

Ok, now that you aware of the General Rules ... here are the more "complexe" rules that this clan lives with. Not Respecting them will earn you a Warning ...


People who will be innactif more than 2 weeks without giving any information on the reason of there absence, will simply get kicked ... thay can always join the clan again after, but if thay come back, it will be with a Warning.

Leaving the Clan:

As everywhere, it is just common education to warn someone if you leave ... here in our clan, it's the same. If you leave our clan without warning anyone you will not be welcome back. How to warn us ? Simple, just post on the forum why you are leaving and for how long if you plan on coming back ...

Clan Wars, Communication:

Ok, now we are a fun clan, we like to have fun with eachother ... but I want us to get used to communicating propely in Clan Wars ... therfor, only give short and precise information, the rest of the time just be quiet ... the sound is important in CWs ...

The only people allowed in a CW Channel on TS, are the people currently playing a CW. So no offense if you get kicked out of the channel ...

And of course no cw without admin or leader.

Clan Comportment, Flaming:

Ok, now this our main probleme, and the main probleme of most people ... flaming.
If you want to flame from now on, flame in your head ... no one needs to know how many F words you know ...
It is also for a question of Respect from the other clans ... we tend to get respected if we do not flame like immature kids ...
People caught flaming or misbehaving, will get a Warning ...


This is something important that everyone needs ... if you can not think by yourself, react by yourself ...
If you put the other members in "danger" in a CW ... if you rush when we say not to ...
You will just get kicked. We want players, not zombies.

Probation Members:

People who have freshly joined the clan or are still in the probation periode will not be alowed to play CWs if a Admin is not online ...
This is mainly due to the fact we do not know the personne enough yet ...
It does not mean that a Admin must be in the same CW room, it just means that the admin must be online to control the Win / Lose %.

English Speaking Clan:

This is the most important rule.
We are as you probably noticed, that we are a Internationnal Clan ... that means that in Clan Chat and on Team Speak, you MUST all speak English.

It's as simple as that ... this is a reason of warnings. So respect it.

And it's not because a Admin is not online that you can not respect the rule.

Clan Problems:

As I already said in some Clan Meetings ... if there is a fight with a member of the clan, TAKE Screenshots !!!

I want everyone to know, that I will not take anyones part in any fight.
I am neutral and I want everyone to understand and respect that.

Screenshots will be my only way to beleve one part or another ... So please don't just post on the forum what happend, cause each time I will only get 5 drfferent views of the same story and will not know witch one to beleve.

Clan Rules:

Anyone who knows the Rules, member or not, is allowed to remind them to anyone if one rule is not respected.
If profanity is used against the person who is reminding the rules, it will just end in a Warning.
Take Screenshots.


3 Warnings = kicked from clan, no matter if you are a good friend or a stranger.
I will not be sad to kick a friend if the fact of kicking a friend can make my clan better.

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Re: STN Clan Rules (Updated*)

Post by -P5ykoO- on Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:15 am

If you have any questions about these Rules, please contact either -R3gNaM- or Me by PM ...
We will answer as soon as possible.

Click on one of these links to send a PM:

> Contact -P5ykoO- <

> Contact -R3gNaM- <

Thanks in advance, and do not hesitate if you have any questions.
We will do our best to answer in time.

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