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Esl Profile:-

Rank: 1lt 2
K/D: 1.14 ( I know it sucks but mostly due to an previous shitty network)
Maps & Modes:Well OMA only snipe (and every only snipe) S&D (especially Rattle and Gray Hammer) eli pro (same maps)
Elimination: Showdown, waverider and cold seed ( rattle, gray and kill creek is more for K/D leveler xD)

Games you are Applying for:
- (Combat Arms)

Previous Clans: ~Organisation~ (doesn't exist anymore)
Your Revolution ( " " " )
For both, the leader ran away
Rise Against ( same problem but moreover they don t play any CW)

Gaming Hours:
- Week: depends on the work for university, mostly on thursday and friday (a lot)
- Weekend: one week/ 2 (my dad's house) saturday after my hangover all the day and sunday after football game around 17 pm)

Team Speak 3 + Headset + Microphone: YES

Motivations: Because my team is kind of dead, we had TS but mixted with Wow players --'
Gilllouu is one of my best CA friend and he told me you don t have a lot of snipers...

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Re: ChiRiU

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:54 pm

since you are allready in the clan :

Welcome to Nip,
You are now on a 1 week Probation Periode in which we will see how well you blend in with the rest of the clan.
After that Week, the Admins will proceed to a vote.
But you can get kicked at any time if you do not respect the rules ...

You now have access to the "Members Only" Section of this forum.

Please Apply directly In Game, the Admins will accepte you asap.

Have Fun, and Good Luck

Rules Reminder:

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